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CES 2019 SoundAI’s New Voice Interaction Technology Overseas Debut
CES 2019 SoundAI’s New Voice Interaction Technology Overseas Debut
SoundAI is attending CES 2019. PHOTO: Credit to SoundAI

SoundAI Azero is a whole-chain far-field intelligent interaction system developed by SoundAI, with far-field speech interaction and far-field real-time communication as technology core. It is compatible with popular intelligent chip architecture, board assembly and acoustic design, with built-in lifestyle service, information query, IoT control, entertaining content, utility tools, personal assistant, chatbot, etc. It also supports third-party skillsets development as need arises. It has applied in multiple hardware devices and scenarios, including smart speakers with or without screen, Smart Home, Intelligent Set-top Box, smart TV, intelligent vehicle, intelligent toy, etc. with typical case studies, like, MI AI Speaker, MI AI Speaker Mini, Alibaba Tmall Magic Box, Baidu Smart Speaker, HUAWEI AI Speaker, HUAWEI YOYO Smart Speaker, The King of Glory Intelligent Robot, Lenovo AI Speaker, Lenovo Mini AI Speaker, Sengled Smart Speaker Lamp, Smartisan AI Speaker, GOME smart speaker, CMCC Smart Speaker S1 and mini S1, 360 smart camera, 360 smart toy, 360 kid robot, as well as Tiny Mu Intelligent Toilet Seat.

One-stop solution: MiniSpot

SoundAI have independently developed one-stop smart speaker with screen solution MiniSpot. It adopts 4-microphone annular array design, supporting 360° far-field speech interaction, including free-cut, one-shot, voice activity detection, dynamic response word detection, voiceprint recognition, SoundAI spatial perception (SSP) and SoundAI spatial cognition (SSA) technologies. Powered by far-field intelligent interaction system SoundAI Azero, providing lifestyle service, information query, IoT control, calendar management, emotional companionship and so on. MiniSpot takes a 3.4 decimeters circular screen design, with 5 megapixels front facing camera, supporting media playback, video calls, intelligent monitoring, personalized services, etc., enabling integration of speech and visual interaction and making interaction more vivid.
Also, SoundAI has developed one-stop smart speaker without screen, with the same speech interaction capabilities and rich skills of MiniSpot. It has On-top 6-microphone annular array, 12 LED design with various lamp efficacy on the top, creating premium user experience.

One-stop solution: MiniBox

SoundAI also launched a one-stop smart Interactive set-top box/box solution MiniBox OTT for living room scenario. On-top 6-microphone annular array design and far-field intelligent interaction system SoundAI Azero are adopted to cope with various complicated noises by utilizing tailor-made Open AEC algorithms to solve echo cancellation issues (self-noise suppression) in complicated scenarios such as weak reference signals or even no reference signal, and improve wakening rate and recognition rate with signal processing difficulties caused by different speaker references and various sound effects of different TV brands or models.
MiniBox OTT can be easily connected to various TV devices with multiple interfaces, supporting local video files such as MP4, AVI, MOV and other common formats. It adopts Quad core ARM Cortex-A53, 2G DDR and 16G EMMC with high stability and response speed. MiniBox also supports tailor-made speaker configuration, enabling to switch between TV mode and speaker mode and bringing end-users with abundant content, and fluent visual experience.  

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