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EqualOcean Internal Mechanism & Principles
EqualOcean Internal Mechanism & Principles
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EqualOcean EqualOcean


EqualOcean intends to become an independent third-party institution with global influence. It is utmost important for us to make our people extraordinary and professional. EqualOcean’s internal mechanism is based on the four pivotal principles: Self-discipline; Evolving over time; Strictly following the rules; Mitigating emotional biases.

I 日常 Working process

► EqualOcean要求工作日期间,上午9:40之前需到达办公室,中午12:30开始午休,午休后下午1:45之前需到达办公室(上述时间均以抵达个人工位为准,团队负责人与团队成员之间彼此监督,上下班钉钉打卡记录作为HR部门考勤记录使用);


EqualOcean requires team members to arrive at the office before 9:40 am, and be back to the office before 1:45 pm after the lunch break which starts at 12:30 pm. The team is supposed to arrive before 10:00 am on Sundays. The time mentioned above is the time of everybody getting on their seats. Team leaders and members supervise each other; HR team maintains staff administration through Dingding app.

If somebody arrives late due to personal discomfort, force majeure or because of having meals with business partners, he/she needs to inform the team in advance via the WeChat group.  An employee that comes late without a valid reason has to send a CNY 100 red envelope to the team’s WeChat group as a punishment. 

Being late for more than 3 times in a month will result in a layoff.

► EqualOcean的工作对新动态和时效性要求很高,基于工作需要,每个成员需要在晚上11:30-早上07:30之外的时段保持“可随时响应”的状态;养成查看公司群消息和邮件的习惯,并做及时回复。对于重要但不紧急的事项,要用邮件进行沟通。

EqualOcean members can be reached from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm. Team members are supposed to Check group messages and emails frequently and respond in a timely manner. As for the important but not urgent matters, our employees communicate via email.

► EqualOcean工作日每天下午6:00 开 Pitch Meeting,成员每天分享自己的工作、收获和疑惑;EqualOcean要求每周六结束前提交工作周报,成员需对当周的成绩、成长和疑惑进行总结,周日开周会;每月开一次月度总结会。保持持续快速学习,是每个成员获得成长的关键。

Pitch meeting starts every day at 6:00 pm. The purpose of Pitch Meeting is to share what the members have done, learned and been confused about during the day. Members are asked to submit weekly reports every Saturday summarizing their achievements within the week. The weekly meeting is held every Sunday. Team meetings take place at the end of every month, employees submit their monthly reports at the same time. We mostly focus on members’ ability to learn and grow quickly and efficiently.

► 工作结束后若是把电脑留在办公室的,需要将电脑关闭/锁闭,以确保公司信息安全;最后离开办公室的同事,须妥善关闭门窗,确保公司财务安全。

If the computer is left in the office after work time, it has to be locked to ensure safety of the company’s information. The last colleague leaving the office must properly close doors and shut windows to ensure security of the articles in the office.

II 原则 Principles

► EqualOcean将逐步建立科学合理的合伙人制度,不允许合伙人在EqualOcean内部谈恋爱,也不允许与合伙人有直系亲属关系的人进入公司入职;合伙人推荐同学、朋友面试或与EqualOcean谈合作时,需要避嫌,由其他负责人接洽及下决策。

EqualOcean is gradually building a partnership structure. Partners are not allowed to have romantic relationships with colleagues. Direct relatives of partners are prohibited from working in the firm. A partner recommending his/her friend or classmate to join EqualOcean shouldn’t take part in the hiring process of the latter.

► EqualOcean实行财务半透明制度,财务状况100%向合伙人开放;财务上追求严格严苛,发现成员有虚假报销,及其它侵占公司利益行为,一律以开除+公示作为处理方式。

EqualOcean is now implementing a strict financial policy. Partners are permitted to be aware of the company’s financial situation. Any dishonest financial claim might lead to layoff.

► EqualOcean提倡“透明”和“坦诚”的文化。“透明”指,EqualOcean需要把尽可能多的信息传达给所有成员,无论是好消息还是坏消息;每个成员,要尽量在大群而不是小群或私下聊天;“坦诚”指,EqualOcean提倡成员公开指出公司、团队整体、或团队个人存在的问题,团队基于事情本身对错,而不是基于个人情绪去应对。

Transparency and honesty are the key pillars of EqualOcean’s culture; we share maximum possible information (regardless of its nature) with all the team members instead of concealing it. We prefer to chat in the WeChat team group rather than private chats.

We aspire to address the challenges using two honest principles:

• Willingness to point out imperfections;

•  Rationality over emotions.

► EqualOcean要求“Go High”而不是“Go Low”;追求更高标准,而不是低标准;追求更长远,而不是更短期;追求更难,而不是更容易;当成员之间就具体的事情发生争论时,公司及其他成员要支持提出高标准(Go High)的人。

EqualOcean requires its employees to “Go High” as opposed to “Go Low”, we always pursue higher standards basing on two principles:

Long Run over Short Run;

Challenge over Simplicity.

III 激励 Incentives

► EqualOcean按季度进行评优,给予季度最佳员工荣誉(奖牌)及物质奖励(3000元),并作为晋升的重要参考;对于平时在具体事项上表现突出的,根据实际情况给予相应奖励。

The employee of the Quarter is awarded CNY 3,000, which is also an important measure for promotion.

► EqualOcean在创业早期,提倡创业精神,将以成员的贡献值去分配利益和授予荣誉。对于入职一年以上,且被评为“优秀”的成员,授予相应的期权;入职一年以上,且入职时间超过EqualOcean成立时长一半的成员,有资格竞选合伙人,当选合伙人后将被授予一定股权。一般来说,越早期的成员、对公司付出越多的成员,将被授予的期权和股权也会越多。

Team members working in EqualOcean for more than one year that get an “excellent employee” title gain the Company’s options. There are two criteria for employees applying for a partnership position:

1. Working in EqualOcean for more than one year; 2. The period of time onboard should be longer than a half of the Company’s existence time period.

Employees joining at an earlier stage are likely to receive more options.

► EqualOcean成员的薪资分为基础薪资和绩效,绩效部分根据当月的表现由负责人评定,评分由工作业绩和团队贡献构成;工作业绩和团队贡献值,是动态的、要求会越来越高;随着时间推移、获得同样的绩效,一个成长了的成员需要表现得越来越好。

Monthly salary is divided into base salary and bonus pay. The latter part is assessed by the line manager considering two factors: work-related performance and contribution to the team’s success. The assessment standards are dynamic and expected to increase over time.

► EqualOcean根据当年运营情况,设定年终奖;年终奖一般为“入职满一年,1个月薪资”,是否“入职满两年,2个月薪资”得届时看运营情况定;入职不满一年,按照入职天数/365天 x 月薪。公司开启商业化后,将给到成员商务协作和执行奖金。

To determine an amount of the year-end bonus, EqualOcean relies on operational performance. An employee gains:

• [(Number of days in EqualOcean)/365*monthly salary] bonus, if he/she joined the Company less than one year ago;

• One-month salary, if he/she joined the Company more than a year but less than two years ago;

• Two-month salary, if he/she joined the Company more than two years ago. 

► 入职且成功转正的成员,将有终身的、唯一的工牌工号(即便离职);另外EqualOcean将根据 周年 去设定其它奖励,如“两周年金币”等;平时逐步加进其它表彰方式。

Each of the formal employees receives a unique staff number. This chapter is of temporary nature, and new incentives will be added to the list in the future.

IV 争议 Disputes & Disagreements

► 一般情况,当上级和下级就工作问题发生分歧时,上级有义务做好充分地信息解释,但下级无法说服上级时,即便有意见,也需服从上级的安排、并积极主动完成任务。真要出现不可调和的矛盾,可以继续升一级,由更高层级做出裁决,双方都需遵守裁决结果。

Disagreements between different layers: Superiors are obliged to explain their position in detail. Subordinates are expected to persuade the higher-level employees with well-backed arguments. If mutual agreement isn’t reached, the lower-level employee should obey the superiors.

► 同一级别的成员发生分歧且无法达成共识时,提交上级做裁决,裁决结果双方都需要遵守。

If the conflict between employees of the same level happens, they have to report to a higher-level employee and obey the decisions made by him/her.

► 不欢迎意气之争,争论双方需要摆证据、以客观事实说话,尽量引入定量指标作为评判标准。双方都证据不足时,以行业里面的高标准、好榜样作为举证。

Arguments and disputes should be backed up by facts and data instead of personal emotions. If both parties lack evidence, EqualOcean uses the higher industry standards to resolve problems appear.

► EqualOcean不采取“一人一票”的完全民主制,也摒弃“一人独裁”的方式;在每个细分领域,逐步记录成员们的“信誉”,使成员在自己“信誉”好的领域具有更高的话语权和投票权。

EqualOcean doesn’t accept the “one person – one vote” concept as well as any type of dictatorship. Each of the team members have different voting rights across various areas of specialization.

V 入职、试用、转正及淘汰 Onboarding, Probation, Fulltime & Managing-out

► 新人入职要求统一更换微信等社交媒体头像为职业头像,体现职业感;除参与公司总部统一安排的新员工培训,EqualOcean新同事入职第一天,需进行断电学习 (Cut-out Study) ——在不带电脑、不带手机的情况下,带着《EqualOcean治理机制与原则》和纸笔,在一个独立房间/会议室里(如梦想加电话亭)进行独自阅读、思考,写下体会和疑问,一个小时的时间,完成之后直接进行考核、并由老同事进行答疑。

New employees must change alias photo/profile picture in WeChat app to professional alias photo/profile picture. In order to participate in the new staff training held at the EO headquarters (Sanyuanqiao Station), new colleagues need to complete a review of the first day of employment: an employee is supposed to read the Company’s internal mechanism and principles, think it over and write down personal thoughts and questions about the regulations without use of any digital devices in a separate room/conference room for at least one hour. On the first day of employment, a new member is exposed to a brief examination conducted by the team.

► 试用期员工在转正之前,需满足如下条件:

• 在转正之前通过新员工培训测试,包括亿欧公司培训内容和EqualOcean治理机制与原则;

• 撰写3篇深度企业分析文章,要求字数2000字以上、数据图表3个以上,且逻辑清晰的企业分析文章;或企业案例分析报告一份(竖版PPT,25page +,更佳);

• 绩效考核至少有一个月达到10分以上;

• 完成转正必读资料阅读;

• 与团队高度融合;

• 与团队的价值观高度契合、不能对产生离心力。

Requirements to be met before the probation period is over:

• Passing the New Staff Orientation test, including EO internal orientation content and Internal Mechanism & Principles of EqualOcean;

• Publishing 3 enterprise analyses of more than 2,000 words, 3 charts each, with clear logic and insightfulness OR a case study report (PPT format, more than 25 pages);

• At least one monthly KPI score should be above 10;

• Completing the reading list;

• Strong bonding with the group during the probation period;• Sharing the Company’s value set.

► EqualOcean成员的转正,由EqualOcean已经转正的成员来评分,评分结果能通过转正要求的分数后,再安排去总部参加答辩。

After the probation period ends, the candidate is evaluated by the EqualOcean full-time employees. If he/she passes the first round of examination, the final round takes place at the EO headquarters (Sanyuanqiao station).

► 末位淘汰基于月度绩效打分进行评价:

• 一个季度(3个月)内,同一个人出现两次最低分,末位淘汰;

• 全年12个月,累积出现3个月排在最低分,末位淘汰。

The managing-out mechanism based on monthly KPI scores:

• If an employee is ranked last TWICE in a quarter (3 months), he/she is asked to quit;

• If an employee receives the lowest score 3 times within one year, he/she will be asked to quit.


First draft: 2018/12/11

The version 1.0 took effect at 2019/1/1

Second Draft: 2019/2/24

Version 2.0 takes effect at 2019/2/25 (Protocols added)

*Contributor: Ivan Platonov

Enterprise Information

EqualOcean is a leading industry tech media and an investment research company.
Last Funding Type
Series C
Number of Employees
Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount

Enterprise Information

EqualOcean is a leading industry tech media and an investment research company.
Last Funding Type
Series C
Number of Employees
Number of Funding Rounds
Total Funding Amount

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