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EqualOcean Presents: The 30 Foreign Entrepreneurs in China 2019
EqualOcean Presents: The 30 Foreign Entrepreneurs in China 2019
The 30 entrepreneurs selected are being announced at the World Innovators Meet (WIM) on December 8, 2019 during the "World Innovation Awards" dinner. Image: Credit to EqualOcean

We're preparing for a time when financial markets will be more open, transparent, and available for a greater influx of foreign capital and entrepreneurship. That is what we believe truly the near- future of China holds in store, for those who have recently arrived and those building up the courage to take the plunge.

In recent years, China's business ecosystem has been so fertile that it has continuously attracted many thousands of international talents and entrepreneurs, all looking to ride a wave of change in the burgeoning local markets. The attractiveness is bolstered by China's stable and tens-of-years long double-digit economic growth figures. Nowadays, as well as being home to the latest generation of demanding consumers, Chinese first-tier cities are vast meeting points for foreign startups and VCs. Building upon this bold vision, we present “The 30 Foreign Entrepreneurs 2019" list.

Download our report to get a glimpse into the foreign entrepreneurship in China, and to learn the background of the 30 selected entrepreneurs. 

Our aims with this list are not trivial. We want to predict some of China's most significant foreign-owned companies before they scale up. If you pay attention to the candidates here, you might well run across a giant success story of tomorrow.

The two main criteria for being listed are as follows: 

Having an ongoing business in China with foreign C-suite members.

Being an early-stage initiative with a high-growth prospectus and willing to raise money from Chinese VCs.

We're giving the priority to high-tech companies. The company must have a tech-driven service and/or product, together with a solid vision of social responsibility, i.e. the company must serve for the "Tech for Equal" mission.

The selected 30 selected entrepreneurs are announced at the World Innovators Meet (WIM) on December 8, 2019, during the "World Innovation Awards" dinner. They were also the distinguished guests of the dinner.

Here is "The 30"

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