Jacobiopharma Details
Aug 29, 2018

New drug R & D platform + innovative drug company incubation, "Jacobiopharma" received USD $ 55 million in Series C financing

36 Kr was informed that the new drug research and development company Jacobiopharma has received USD $ 55 million in Series C financing, jointly led by Qiming Venture Capital and Gaoyuan Capital, and the Fangyuan Fund will follow. At present, it has built a 6000m2 new drug research and development laboratory. Jacobiopharma is equipped with a standard R & D team of more than 100 people, covering the complete functions of drug research and development from synthesis, pharmacology, preparations, pharmacy, intellectual property to clinical. Its first self-developed drug JAB-3000 (anti-tumor therapy with protein phosphatase as the target) is currently undergoing clinical research in China and the United States. The team stated that it is expected that 3 to 4 innovative drug projects will enter the clinic in the next 2 years.

Source: 36Kr