Xiaomi Details
Feb 19, 2020

Why isn't Xiaomi's high-end brand road going well?

5G capacity may hit high-end shortfalls: it is essentially a 5G technology gap. Mi 10 takes qualcomm 865 + x55 plan. Behind the gap between 5G communication and network speed is the lack of mature 5G chips and the corresponding integration technology and system design capability. It is highly likely that the debugging time after mi 10 gets the chip is too short. Megapixels are the highlight of the mi 10 series, but recently some netizens pointed out that the mi CC9 Pro "core version" -- the appearance and camera configuration is basically the same as CC9 Pro.

Three obstacles stand in the way of Xiaomi products impacting the high-end: first, quality control needs to be improved; Second, 5G communication and chip short board needs to be completed; Third, the supply chain "take it for granted" is restricted by the suppliers and is also the constraint of competitive products, so it is difficult to achieve a collaborative optimization.

In fact, staying at the top of the market requires more market-recognised brand value -- and brand value comes from controlling the key point of the value chain. One is the 5G communication network, because the capabilities of 5G network search, upload, download and network speed are related to the core of the basic experience in the 5G era. The second is the self-developed chip screen and other core components at an advantageous stance, combined with software tuning and optimization, to achieve product experience and quality beyond the brand to drive the rise; the last one is the underlying operating system.

Source: TMT Post