ByteDance Details
Mar 31, 2020

Bytedance countdown IPO countdown? Insiders say or go public in the US

A 21-month investment: ByteDance's valuation skyrocketed to $ 100 billion. Under the epidemic, TikTok is sweeping the world with swift momentum. A set of data can visually show its record: so far, TikTok has reached 1.9 billion downloads worldwide, approaching 2 billion; last month, TikTok set a new record with 113 million downloads and 50.4 million in-app revenue. The month with the highest data ever; TikTok ’s user base in the US market increased by 97.5% in 2019. Earlier, a person close to ByteDance told the investment community that whether ByteDance went to the US stock IPO depends largely on the attitude of the US regulatory level on Douyin and TikTok, "Go without TikTok."

Source: Huxiu