ByteDance Details
Apr 5, 2020

After buying "Jiang Ma" and "Big Winner" for a lot of money, can byte beating create "Chinese YouTube"?

"Towards long video. In addition to film and television dramas, ByteDance is also vigorously developing various fields such as variety shows and anime. These contents have been carried by watermelon video. ByteDance's long video logic. As the main battlefield of long video, watermelon video has been Since the simple short video platform in the past has become more and more like Station B, ByteDance seems to want to compete with Station B to become China ’s YouTube. The dream of “Chinese YouTube”. Open the watermelon video, except for the comedy and movie that have recently begun to add code Dramas and comics, as well as diverse content areas such as food, music, pets, and technology, are very similar to station B. "

Source: EO Company