Automotive Sep 28, 2020 10:13 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
NIO CEO Li Bin announced NIO's new energy 'Power Up Plan' at the 2020 Beijing International Auto Show. The firm will gather 'power-up partners' from society and provide a total of CNY 100 million in subsidies with 20kW DC piles, also classified as destination charging piles. NIO will provide construction and operation subsidies at CNY 1,000 per year for a total subsidy period of three years with a total subsidy amount of CNY 100 million for all 'partners' who are willing to share fast charging resources and waive service fees for NIO users. Li said that "Compared with supercharging piles, 20kW DC fast charging piles do not require additional wiring modification, and can be deployed in as little as 3 hours." He believes that the power efficiency of 20kW DC fast charging piles can reach 30% of the supercharged piles. At present, NIO has deployed more than 60 supercharge stations with a total of 430 superchargers built with power-up partners across the country. According to Li Bin, the current charging capacity of non-NIO brand electric vehicles has exceeded 90%. Besides, NIO also released the Navigate on Pilot (NOP) navigation assistance function. This function can automatically overtake slow cars, intelligently change lanes, and dynamically adjust lanes on highways and elevated roads covered by high-precision maps. NIO's NOP function has been tested for over 300,000 kilometers in more than 30 cities.
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