Industrials Nov 16, 2020 02:09 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
High tech, an industrial intelligent machine vision manufacturer, recently announced a breakthrough in R & D and commercial orders in the field of new generation display semiconductor chip / wafer inspection in China. With the full independent intellectual property rights of the underlying algorithm architecture and core optical and mechanical technology system support, high vision technology has obtained the official commercial order of "the first set" of miniled AOI wafer detection system with industry chain certification in China. It is worth noting that the direct customer is the leading manufacturer of LED chips with the most stringent process and quality control standards, while the end user of the detected wafer / chip is an international well-known consumer electronics brand manufacturer with absolute leadership in the industry. This order is of great significance. It not only represents the industry's highest standard customers' recognition of high-tech products and technologies, but also marks a breakthrough milestone in the key semiconductor detection field core technology and formal commercialization of Chinese industrial intelligent vision manufacturers. At the same time, high vision technology also announced that it will realize the first set of official commercial order of microled AOI wafer detection system in 2020. High vision technology has established a semiconductor intelligent detection technology subsidiary in Suzhou. It is fully promoting the research and development of key technologies for ultra-high precision intelligent visual inspection in the process fields of new generation display chips, optical communication chips, MEMS, and general silicon-based chips, so as to provide independent and controllable assistance for the relevant core technologies in China's semiconductor detection field.