Automotive Nov 20, 2020 01:57 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Dida travel for many years has been under the guidance of the Ministry of transport, in accordance with the law to carry out the free ride business. The guiding ideology and business model of Dida hitchhiker always follows the essential characteristics of "to meet the travel needs of car owners on the premise of meeting their own travel needs and not for the purpose of making profits" by the Ministry of transport. The relevant reply from the official website of the Ministry of transport shows that there is a big difference between legal free riding and online car Hailing for operational passenger transport services, and there is no need to apply for the relevant license of online car Hailing. However, Dida will always adhere to the essential characteristics of the free ride and make it a real free ride, not a cheap online car Hailing. The past industry experience shows that illegal operation in the name of free ride will inevitably lead to systemic security risks. Dida travel will continue to be under the supervision and guidance of the Ministry of transport and local competent departments, abide by the right path, operate safely, and provide users with high-quality and efficient travel information services.
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