Automotive Dec 16, 2020 06:13 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 16, ZF released its latest middleware. This open software platform is the "bridge" between the vehicle computing operation system and its software application. The main function of middleware is to reduce the communication between computer hardware and these applications through portable software applications. ZF said that as a connector between software applications and vehicle hardware components, only middleware needs to be connected to the operating system. This method can reduce interfaces and ensure fast communication with all parts of the system, and can help automobile manufacturers greatly reduce the complexity of system integration. In its view, middleware can also facilitate the flexible integration of hardware and vehicle, providing communication in a "common language". It can "translate" and standardize the communication rules between different hardware and software layers of vehicles. Based on the above functions, ZF said that middleware can improve the independence and compatibility of vehicle information platform, and help customers speed up the R & D Progress of related technologies and reduce the complexity. As an integrated software platform, the middleware developed by ZF will be installed on mass production vehicles in 2024. In addition, ZF will establish a global software center in 2021 in order to meet the challenges of future automobile software requirements.