Consumer Staples Dec 17, 2020 10:59 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 17, weixijia, a stew chain brand of Chengdu Delixi Catering Management Co., Ltd., announced that it had obtained an angel round financing of 12 million yuan, which was jointly invested by foodstuff and youbeidi. This round of financing will be used for the optimization of product quality, the improvement of the company's organizational structure system, the building of weixijia takeaway + Tangshi 2.0 flagship store, including opening direct stores in Chengdu, Xi'an, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other domestic first and second tier cities, and building supply chain warehousing system in East China. Founded in 2015, weixijia is a chain catering brand oriented at high-end health stew products. The three product systems of high-quality stew, small dishes and snacks and desserts are the entry points. It meets the differentiated consumption needs of users in different scenarios by combining online takeout and offline food. After nearly five years of exploration, weixijia stew has established an efficient store management model: at present, the average return period of 60-80 M2 stores can reach half a month at the fastest. According to the current output value data of restaurants and takeout stores, the number of stores selling 10000 or more orders per month exceeds 15%. According to the current data of 70% of net profit, the fastest return cycle of a single store is within half a month. At present, weixijia has built three product systems of healthy stew, side dish and snack dessert. By updating various kinds of dishes and enriching menu SKU every month, we can improve the diversified choices of consumers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the same time, we can improve the efficiency of the shop and reduce the cost. Weixijia has developed from 7 Direct stores to 87 at present.