Consumer Staples Dec 17, 2020 10:59 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 14, the "China plant protein alliance food summit" initiated by tmall was held in Shanghai. As "tmall's new star brand of the year", hollers participated in this activity. Together with oatly and other leading Chinese vegetable protein brands and top experts in the industry, we focused on the innovation trend of plant protein beverage and the first industry standard formulation, and explored the development future of Chinese plant protein diet. At the meeting, as a representative of innovative brands, Zheng Lu, founder of Hollis, delivered a speech and shared the following points: First, with the upgrading of consumers' demand for healthy diet and the beverage industry revolution, in the future, the vegetable milk field should be closer to the market segments and have insight into the deep needs of the target population, so as to help consumers solve the problem of "only relying on taste to choose vegetable protein drinks". Second, market competition is no longer a single product value dimension of competition, but a comprehensive culture, values and lifestyle oriented multi-dimensional values to communicate with consumers. Third, the imbalance of dietary structure. According to the report "the current situation of the world's children in 2019" released by the United Nations Children's fund, the problem of children's "triple" (malnutrition, excessive obesity, lack of essential nutrients) is becoming increasingly prominent, "hidden hunger" is threatening the growth and development of children, and the best way to solve this problem is to achieve it through "diversified diet and balanced nutrition". In the future, hollers and tmall plant protein alliance will join hands with more vegetable protein leading brands to stimulate the innovation and vitality of plant protein, keep up with the consumption trend of the times, and empower consumers to live a sustainable and healthy life.