Automotive Dec 19, 2020 12:07 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 18, China's first auto union alliance was established. As one of the first members of the alliance, China's First Auto Union will be launched. Founded by more than 30 partners including Suzhou high-speed rail new city, T3 travel, vehicle enterprises and technology companies, Aotou alliance is the first eco operation alliance of automatic driving in China. As an unmanned light bus solution provider in the alliance, light boat intelligent navigation will help its partners to jointly promote the large-scale landing of unmanned vehicles with the upstream and downstream industries. This sharing innovation online ride system is one of the five major systems of the Dragon Boat unmanned bus launched by the light boat intelligent navigation. The other four systems include 360 degree blind area sensing system, self-developed unmanned driving system, single safety officer operation management system and 5g + v2x on-board display system. The 360 degree no blind zone sensing system is very important for unmanned buses. Different from cars, it is easy to find the sensing blind area around the bus body which can not be covered by sensors. Whether the sensor scheme can realize the perception without blind area determines the safety of the bus driving on the open road in the city. In addition, Dragon Boat unmanned bus also includes three centers - 5g + data center, open interface center and efficient operation center, as well as a set of tool chain including hardware labeling, high-precision map adaptation, simulation system, etc. With the support of these core technologies, the scene of unmanned public transportation has been rapidly landing in Suzhou in a short period of time, and has entered the normal operation stage.