Automotive Dec 30, 2020 12:57 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 29, Qingzhou Zhihang started its normal operation in Shenzhen and launched the first unmanned bus monthly card in China. The light boat unmanned minibus launched by the company also appeared with a new name dragon boat one, disclosing five systems, three centers and a tool chain supporting its unmanned bus scheme, and disclosing the internal robobus landing plan and strategic thinking for the first time. The unmanned bus line deployed by the light boat intelligent navigation is the first unmanned bus line in Shenzhen, with a total length of about 5 km and 10 stations along the way, running through the residential areas, schools, theatres, parks and office areas around Pingshan station in Shenzhen. With the landing of Shenzhen's unmanned bus, Qingzhou Zhihang also launched the country's first unmanned bus monthly card. For citizens with daily commuting needs, users with the monthly card can take the unmanned bus operated by them for no limited number of times. At present, some lines of Suzhou and Shenzhen have been opened, and the operation scope and cities will be gradually expanded in the future. The public can pay attention to the "early bird program" launched by Qingzhou Zhihang and apply for the monthly card free of charge. At the time of its debut in Shenzhen, the light boat unmanned minibus was officially named dragon boat one. As the first driverless minibus deployed by light boat intelligent airlines, dragon boat one can operate on urban open roads, with vehicle speed of 20-50 km / h, and is positioned as urban unmanned bus. In addition to dragon boat one, Qingzhou Zhihang will also launch a series of "dragon boat" driverless bus solutions. It is understood that the fleet size of Qingzhou Zhihang will exceed 100 units next year.