Communication Feb 02, 2021 11:37 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
In February 2nd tiktok formally sued Tencent tiktok, saying that it restricted users' share of the contents from the jitter by WeChat and QQ, and constituted a monopoly act of abusing market dominance and excluding or restricting competition. In the evening, Tencent issued a statement that the allegations were malicious and framed, and said that the products of the bytes tiktok, including the jitter, were illegally obtained WeChat users' personal information through illegal competition, and destroyed the platform rules. The court has been ordered to stop the infringement immediately by the court's multiple injunctions. Tiktok responded to the announcement by WeChat public official account: 1. The initial reason for the ban on micro envelopes was "short video rectification". During the rectification period, Tencent launched more than a dozen short video products. 2. Tencent's so-called "illegal access to wechat users' personal information" is because Tencent believes that the user's Avatar, nickname and other user data belong to Tencent's "commercial resources", and believes that unless Tencent agrees, even if it obtains the user's authorization, other products can not use the user's relevant data. 3. Some experts and courts support Tencent's claim that personal information belongs to Tencent's business resources because they believe that Tencent has higher rights to users' personal information data than users themselves. 4. Wechat and QQ have more than 1.2 billion and 600 million monthly live users respectively. They have complete user friend relationship, and have penetrated into all fields of users' life. They are "market dominant" infrastructures. The Tencent restricts users from sharing the contents of the jitter by WeChat tiktok and QQ, which constitutes a monopoly of abuse of dominant market position and restriction of competition.
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