Consumer Staples Feb 04, 2021 04:43 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On January 7, 2021, the official website of the National Health Commission issued the "three new foods" announcement, and Huaxi biological haplex ﹣ rplus sodium hyaluronate was approved as a new food raw material, which can be used in common food. Wonderlab launched its first oral hyaluronic acid soft candy, which is also the first soft candy food application case of Huaxi biological haplex ﹥ rplus sodium hyaluronate in China. Wonderlab is committed to providing "scientific, accurate and efficient" new nutrition solutions for the new generation of people. The launch of oral hyaluronic acid soft candy integrates water replenishment, water locking and VC replenishment. The advent of this product also means that wonderlab has officially entered the 10 billion scale oral beauty market, and cooperated with high-quality supply chain partners to help the innovation and upgrading of China's oral beauty industry.