Industrials Feb 05, 2021 11:02 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On February 5, zego, a global cloud communication service provider, released roomkit, a low code interaction platform lcep (low code engagement platform), which supports 1v1 online classroom, small class, large class, video conference, video live broadcast, voice live broadcast and other scenes, realizing the construction of 0-code interactive room.   It is understood that, as the industry's first low code interactive platform product for the whole industry, roomkit has realized the zero code construction of interactive rooms and visual configuration of functions through the complete encapsulation of business scenario capabilities, which makes the R & D cost lower and the online time shorter, and meets the needs of enterprises to quickly go online, build their own brands and ensure the security of business data. Roomkit completely encapsulates the common capabilities in the room, such as audio and video calls, whiteboard graffiti, file presentation, real-time messages, member management, layout UI, etc. at the same time, it packages 300 + API interface to truly realize the 0-code construction of interactive room. The accessor only needs to integrate a roomkit SDK and configure several parameters to go online.