Healthcare Feb 20, 2021 05:24 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
A few days ago, the international health management group chuangjian Youming (Shanghai) and Japan Cancer Research Institute Youming hospital, Japan cancer research center, shuntiantang Hospital Affiliated to shuntiantang University, adult health care research center, Mayo Medical Center in the United States, Massachusetts General Hospital Affiliated to Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center reached Strategic cooperation in the growth period. Chuangjian Youming was founded in 2016. Its main business covers remote consultation, going abroad to see a doctor, going to Japan for physical examination, VIP customization, etc. In 2017, it has obtained the qualification of medical visa agency issued by the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of economy and industry of Japan, and Japan's medical resources are leading in the same industry in China. Physical examination + parent-child tour, physical examination + business tour and other diversified physical examination packages and itineraries in Japan, full accompany, report interpretation, if there are hidden dangers, quickly match the appropriate medical resources, stem cell, blood purification and other anti-aging technologies, overseas medical beauty plastic surgery and enterprise customized services, so that thousands of elite families can enjoy a better life.