Consumer Discretionary Mar 15, 2021 01:49 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
According to yiou news on March 15, Tongcheng Tongmei, a domestic brand of children's programming education, launched the "creative programming enlightenment" course for preschool children aged 4-5. It is understood that through the combination of building blocks and screen free physical programming module, the course constructs the scene and completes the task challenge through programming, so as to achieve the combination of hand and brain, and cultivate preschool children's ability of understanding, application and re creation. In the course development, Tongcheng Tongmei adopts the screen free and physical programming module to protect children's eyesight. Through touching and image stimulating sensory learning, Tongcheng Tongmei not only exercises programming thinking, but also conforms to its development stage. In the course content setting, Tongcheng Tongmei also combines the "3-6-year-old children's learning and Development Guide" issued by the Ministry of education, focusing on health, language and society In order to promote the all-round development of preschool children, we should integrate the above contents into machinery and programming. In addition, Tongcheng Tongmei's "creative programming enlightenment" course focuses on the learning effect, so that the knowledge points, learning methods and values of each class can be digitized. It is reported that Tongcheng Tongmei currently has more than 230 offline campuses in China, covering more than 50 cities, and more than 120000 students aged 3-18 are studying. The courses cover graphic interface programming, artificial intelligence programming, intelligent robot programming, software and hardware programming, algorithm programming, etc.