Automotive Mar 25, 2021 08:54 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
From March 22 to 25, the National Standard Committee of intelligent networked vehicles organized commercial vehicle enterprises to carry out real vehicle verification of the national standard of multi Lane driving control in Chongqing intelligent networked test base. As the only front loading mass production automatic heavy truck model, Zhijia technology and Zhitu technology assisted FAW Jiefang to build J7 L3, which took 1.5 hours to complete all tests at one time, and took the lead in completing the most difficult verification project. Previously, J7 L3 has completed the certification tests of dual warning (lane departure warning and forward collision warning) and AEB (automatic emergency braking), becoming the only domestic heavy truck with announcement and mass production conditions. Liu Wanqian, co-founder and CEO of Zhijia technology, said: "I'm very glad that Zhijia, as an industry representative, can participate in supporting the construction of national intelligent network industry standard, laying a solid foundation for the practical application of automatic driving heavy truck. The J7 L3 super heavy truck built by Zhijia with the help of FAW Jiefang is planned to achieve mass production in the middle of this year. Its large-scale implementation will effectively improve road safety and driver comfort, and achieve the purpose of cost reduction and efficiency increase. " In the future, Zhijia will continue to implement the development strategy of "two-line parallel", organically combine the mass production of automatic driving heavy truck at vehicle specification level with the development of L4 driverless technology, utilize the mass effective data of mass production vehicles in real environment, feed back the automatic driving algorithm, and finally realize the large-scale commercial landing of L4 driverless heavy truck.