Consumer Discretionary Apr 02, 2021 12:02 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Young people's shopping questions have gone from "how much" and "can it be cheaper" to "soul torture" of goods. They are concerned about product composition, scientific use and even production technology. Ye Ting, director of Taobao education operations, said that the knowledge supply and physical goods in Taobao are mutually reinforcing. For example, when buying a yoga mat, the hidden need is to learn yoga lessons; when buying a bag of cereal, consumers actually want to pursue a healthy diet. Not only Wang satiety, but also the sugar free drinks of Yuanqi forest and the ready to eat flower glue of the official inn are using customized courses to optimize the experience of consumers and become repeat customers. Huang Rui, head of the brand Department of guanzhan, believes that in the era of information fragmentation, it is particularly valuable for users to obtain in-depth knowledge. The knowledge content obtained by consumers in the form of commodity gifts can help the brand from wide and informed to deep and cognitive. With the demand segmentation and consumption upgrading, new categories are breaking out in tmall, and there is a new knowledge behind every new product. From "understanding consumers" to "letting consumers understand" has become a new trend. According to Chen Yongjie, the person in charge of Taobao education and knowledge services, there are about 4000 mature knowledge Payment institutions in China, most of which have consumer knowledge attributes have settled in Taobao, covering food, beauty, mother and baby, stationery, children's play, musical instruments, photography and other fields. Consumers can complete interest learning through knowledge payment on Taobao, and brand businesses can also complete knowledge customization based on products.