Industrials Apr 09, 2021 07:25 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Since ancient times, tea has been an important commodity for trade and trade in various regions. Whenever the spring is warm and blooming, the annual highlight of the tea market - "spring tea season" also begins. Tea farmers and tea merchants are in the busiest season. With the popularity and sinking of the Internet, the traditional tea industry is constantly laying out online sales, trying to solve the sales dilemma of single line retail. The sudden attack of the domestic epidemic also makes more physical stores realize the importance of the new retail model. The core of new retail in tea industry is user centered, efficient delivery of products and good service experience. In this process, the demand closed-loop of online sales and offline distribution is activated, while the professional third-party instant delivery platforms such as SF intra city express service are able to get through the key operation points by virtue of efficient transportation network and high-quality distribution services, and help the sales business growth of tea merchants. Compared with catering and other high-frequency consumer industries, tea users are more dispersed, the traditional offline sales mode can cover very few consumers, and the expansion of online channels can bring more revenue for tea merchants more efficiently. Shunfeng intra city express adopts the whole process of cold transportation to ensure that the new tea will not be aged due to high temperature during transportation, and the color and aroma of tea can be retained to the maximum extent. On this basis, Knight will also use environmental protection packaging materials and buffers to classify and place different packaging types of tea through professional pre job training, so as to minimize the impact of weather changes, road conditions and other factors on tea products Qualitative impact.