Apr 14, 2021 02:40 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
According to the website of Guiyang housing management provident fund center on April 14, the center issued a notice on starting the three-level response to the liquidity risk of housing provident fund. According to the notice, the calculation formula of individual housing loan amount of housing provident fund will be adjusted, and the business of individual housing provident fund loan in other places will be suspended. If an employee's family has already applied for housing provident fund loan, it can apply for housing provident fund loan to purchase ordinary self occupied housing only after the first housing provident fund loan has been settled for more than 12 months, and the minimum down payment ratio shall not be less than 40%. The loan interest rate shall be 1.1 times of the personal housing loan interest rate of the first housing provident fund in the same period. In recent years, the individual housing loan rate of Guiyang housing provident fund continues to exceed 95%, and the liquidity of housing provident fund has been seriously insufficient.