Technology Apr 20, 2021 02:50 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On April 16, 2021, the eastern part of the cloud summit of Kingdee cloud and starry sky 2021 enterprise management was successfully held in Suzhou. Song Kai, CTO of cloud home, delivered a speech with the theme of "intelligence, collaboration and ecology, cloud home helps ten thousand enterprises go to the cloud". 2020 is full of crisis and challenges. Many enterprises are facing four "pain points" in terms of collaboration: the pain of connection, the pain of data, the pain of ecology and the "pain" of traditional it. How to eliminate the four pain points of digital transformation? According to the report of digital transformation released by IDC in 2021, the key to digital transformation is teamwork. Song Kai believes that through the eight capabilities of cloud home, we can reconstruct the Digital Collaborative combat effectiveness and help enterprises accelerate the digital transformation Process collaboration capability: Unified Process Center, It connects hundreds of process systems of hesteel group; business collaboration integration capability: Huawei ocean realizes integrated collaboration platform through cloud home; integrated communication intelligent collaboration capability: cloud home helps Haier build ihaier maker office platform; scene collaboration capability: makes the receiving and sending experience of Ordnance Group smoother; knowledge collaboration capability: Zhengda construction makes knowledge management easier; data collaboration Capability: cloud home Bi makes data decision-making of Hualu group clearer; ecological collaboration capability: Hisense through the ecosystem, open up the upstream and downstream, support the cooperation of 3000 stores; everything collaboration capability: Wenshi group through IOT to modernize agriculture.