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According to the Financial Association on April 21, Ling Yiqun, member of the Party group and deputy general manager of Sinopec, said today at the 14th five year hydrogen industry development forum, The overall goal of Sinopec's action plan for hydrogen energy industry is to build "China's first hydrogen energy company". By 2025, Sinopec is committed to achieving four development goals: "leading the hydrogenation of dry stations" - building the largest hydrogenation station network in China, planning and layout 1000 oil and hydrogen joint construction stations and hydrogenation stations; "million green hydrogen demonstration" - striving to build 500000 tons / year non fossil energy hydrogen production capacity, five years The cumulative green hydrogen production exceeds one million tons; "two wheel drive takes the first place" - combines the advantages of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and transportation, and hydrogen application, and makes efforts in the two fields of hydrogen transportation and green hydrogen refining; "carbon reduction by substitution exceeds ten million tons" - the annual CO2 reduction scale of green hydrogen is more than 10 million tons.