Automotive Jun 04, 2021 09:12 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Tencent announced today that it has comprehensively upgraded its logistics solutions, providing nine sharp tools for the three major logistics segments, running through all links from placing orders to distribution, helping customers comprehensively improve the operation efficiency of logistics business. It is understood that Tencent's location-based services mainly rely on the huge data ecology and professional and stable technical services, and continue to cultivate the logistics industry. It has maintained long-term in-depth cooperation with the leading customers of the logistics industry, such as Jingdong Logistics and China Post. On this basis, Tencent has accumulated a series of important product capabilities for the logistics industry and formed a complete logistics industry solution. In addition, with more than 80 million POI data and more than 10 billion search responses per day, Tencent location service provides industry-leading basic address service products to help logistics customers improve the accuracy and business efficiency in order and order splitting. At the same time, relying on more than 160 billion times of daily positioning data and more than 1.9 billion kilometers of track data accumulation, Tencent location service also provides high-quality positioning and route planning services to help logistics customers quickly achieve cost reduction and efficiency in business processes under the scenarios of distribution and transportation.