Consumer Staples Jun 18, 2021 07:55 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
In the first three minutes of 2021 Jingdong 618, the overall turnover of Jingdong supermarket increased more than 10 times year on year. The turnover of dry food exceeded 300 million in the first two minutes, and that of maternal and infant category exceeded 200 million in the first two minutes; The total turnover of liquor exceeded 200 million in five minutes; The turnover of iPhone exceeded 100 million in one second, Samsung's mobile phone sales increased by 200% year on year, Haier, Midea, Gree and other big brands exceeded 100 million in one minute, Siemens, Xiaomi and other brands exceeded 100 million in three minutes, cygnet exceeded 100 million in 10 minutes, and Hisense exceeded 100 million in 15 minutes. The average single store turnover of core stores is 4.3 times of that of new stores in the same period last year. In the early morning of this morning, the peak user visits per second increased by 152% compared with the same period last year. During the period of 618 in 2021, Jingdong express delivery will reach 92% of the counties and 84% of the townships in China on the same day and the next day. On June 8, the 1 millionth commodity sold by Jingdong in Tibet since entering 618 was packed and sent to Milin, the "Wanren county" in Linzhi, which has just achieved e-commerce coverage.