Automotive Jun 30, 2021 10:08 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, 2021 Tesla Model 3, which adopts pure vision solution and automatic driving assistance function, has been tested by IIHS and has obtained the highest safety rating of Top Safety Pick +. This result also made the consumer report of the United States give a new "recommendation" evaluation. On May 26 this year, Tesla announced that the model 3 and model y models sold in North America from June will no longer be equipped with radar sensors, and its automatic driving assistance system will adopt the camera pure vision scheme (camera + sonar). Due to the need to re test and evaluate the updated models, IIHS and relevant agencies temporarily adjusted their recommended rating. After IIHS retested the 2021 model 3 without radar, the test results showed that the new model 3 had the same excellent safety performance as the model with radar sensor, and was still rated as the highest safety level. For the passive safety part, as there is no change in the body safety and airbag configuration of model 3 without radar, the test results of this part are maintained at the highest score good. In the active safety part of this retest, the score of vehicle and front collision prevention is consistent with the radar version, which is the highest rating of superior. From the current test results, the AEB and CAA system of the vehicle under the pure vision scheme perform well.