Healthcare Jul 07, 2021 10:50 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On July 5, Suzhou Zhihe Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on the research and development of innovative drugs for nuclear medicine, announced the completion of round C financing of 100 million yuan, led by Tianshili Boyi capital, and participated in the investment jointly by investment institutions such as Agricultural Bank of China International, industrial credit management and Qirong venture capital. Xingyuanzhitong is the exclusive financial consultant of this round of financing. This round of financing is mainly used to promote the progress of current R & D projects, including the production and commercial promotion of sna001, new drug application and clinical trials of sna002 and sna006, and to independently establish the core platform of radiopharmaceuticals, enrich product R & D pipelines, and expand cooperation with leading international R & D institutions. Founded in 2015, smart nuclear biology has a single domain antibody development platform, radionuclide coupling labeling platform, etc. its products include nuclear medicine related drugs, recombinant human thyrotropin, tumor diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals and tumor treatment radiopharmaceuticals, covering thyroid cancer and tumor immunity. Currently, the fastest progress in its pipeline is the SNA001 recombinant human thyrotropin (rhTSH) targeting radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer. It has been recruited in clinical III stage patients and is in the follow-up monitoring stage. It is expected to become the first rhTSH drug in Chinese mainland.