Consumer Staples Jul 20, 2021 05:54 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On July 20, Kiehl's Keyan, a brand focusing on cutting-edge technology and dedicated to providing consumers with excellent skin care experience with natural ingredients, entered Jingdong. Amazon white mud cleansing mask, marigold plant extract toner, high moisturizing cream and other trump card products are set up in the Kiehl's official Jingdong flagship store. "Beauty economy" is in the lead, consumers pay more attention to skin health. At the same time, the "ingredient party" group is expanding, more and more consumers are not only concerned about the ingredients and efficacy of cosmetics, but also put forward higher requirements for the safety of ingredients《 Consumers are more willing to pay for beauty products that use natural extracts as ingredients, according to the 2021 new consumption report of beauty economy. Keyan's presence in Jingdong beauty can meet the needs of Jingdong users for skin care products with natural ingredients. The "white mud Cleansing Mask" of Kuraso's star product is mainly made from Amazonian white mud and aloe vera. The fine and smooth white mud combined with water remedial Aloe Vera effectively purify blackhead oil and soothe the skin. Another popular botanical extract of Calendula officinalis flower extract, extract fresh marigold petals and other plant essence, can control oil pox, relieve allergy, moisturize and maintain stability, and regulate skin oil and water balance.