Healthcare Jul 30, 2021 11:17 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Billion Europe health 30, learned that biocomputing platform enterprise beatsang Ke has completed the A round of financing of 100 million US dollars, led by GGV Ji Yuan capital, Baidu, Jun Lian capital, blue Chi venture, real knowledge capital, Xianghe capital and investment company founder Robin Li continued to invest additional. In 2020, Robin Li was led and founded as chairman. Specifically, through advanced computing and biotechnology, Baitu Shengke efficiently extracts knowledge from multi omics biological data, high-throughput validation experiments and drug development experience, and draws maps on disease targets and drug design, so as to improve the drug R & D efficiency of itself and its partners, and finally wants to realize the R & D of global first in class original drugs. In the future, baitushengke will mainly focus on the research field of immune mechanism of tumors, autoimmune diseases and fibrotic diseases. In May this year, Baitu bioscience launched the "immune map excellence plan", which will provide its own R & D core biological computing engine, massive self owned data and a financial subsidy of 1 billion yuan, jointly promote the drawing of immune map with eco alliance partners, systematically explore the complex immune laws of cancer, immune and other diseases, and further improve the efficiency of corresponding target mining and drug design. After this round of financing, Baitu Shengke will further strengthen the construction of its biological computing engine, continue research and development in the fields of multi omics technology, high-throughput experimental technology, protein computing technology and high-performance biological computing technology, strengthen the introduction of talents, and promote its first batch of drug R & D pipelines to a new stage.