Consumer Staples Aug 03, 2021 03:00 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, the local head plant meat brand officially announced its cooperation with Ruixing coffee on Saturday to launch Ruixing coffee's first plant meat products "lime flavor sandwich" and "egg flavored grain sandwich". It is noteworthy that on Monday, sun Rui, snh48 artist, the first new health product Ambassador since its establishment, will also be officially announced, and the new product promotional film "today's zero" will be jointly launched. In this week's zero and Ruixing coffee cooperation products, the plant meat ham slices of zero are selected, which not only continues the healthy and delicious idea of Monday's zero, but also develops fresh flavor dipping materials for summer. The product price is close to the people, and the new taste is limited to 5.5% off. In the past, Zhou zero has cooperated with head catering brands such as Xicha, Dexter and Tim Hortons for many times. This cooperation with Ruixing is an important and noteworthy action: in addition to the cooperation in raw material supply, this cooperation will take Zhou zero brand concept as the communication theme, which is the most important communication for star zero to consumers. She is the No. 1 popular idol in the snh48 general runoff in 2020, far ahead of the total votes in this year's popular vote. The linkage with Popular Idols can expose more young white-collar groups to plant meat, a new food ingredient. Sun Rui was selected as the first "New Health Ambassador" on Sunday, hoping to provide consumers with more healthy choices.