Technology Aug 12, 2021 04:13 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, Xinhua San Information Security Technology Co., Ltd. and Alibaba cloud computing Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation. The two sides will focus on solving many pain points faced by enterprise customers on the cloud, provide access solutions for customers on the cloud, help global enterprise customers build a private, high-quality and flexible exclusive cloud network, and support customers' digital transformation. It is reported that the first stop of this cooperation is cloud network products. Based on the information security capability of Xinhua 3 and Alibaba cloud Luoshen cloud network, the two sides will launch enterprise gateway products with default cloud access, which can be applied in government, education, medical treatment, manufacturing, energy, power, transportation and other industries to help customers quickly, safely and reliably go to the cloud and build the next network on the cloud, Support the digital transformation of business. Jiang Jiangwei, vice president of Alibaba and head of Alibaba cloud's basic products, said: "both sides have a lot of complementarities in products and application scenarios. We look forward to deeper cooperation in more fields and create greater value for customers based on this cooperation in the direction of cloud native sd-wan in the future." It is reported that since the integration strategy was proposed in 2019, Alibaba cloud and its partners have released more than 1000 joint solutions. The cooperation with Xinhua III is also the embodiment of the integration strategy“ Alibaba cloud will join hands with Xinhua 3 to strengthen ecological cooperation in tob field and industry, and go all out to support bilateral strategic cooperation. " Guo Jijun, vice president of Alibaba and general manager of Alibaba cloud sales management and Ecological Services Department, said.
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