Technology Aug 19, 2021 03:26 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Valin cable fell to the limit, becoming a short dragon, which was seriously lower than expected, causing high-level emotional stocks to fall one after another. A similar situation also occurred in the well-off shares with the reduction of volume and the limit on February 1 this year. It is expected that Valin cable will open significantly lower the next day. Near the midday closing, the "sky floor" of Hangzhou thermoelectric basically shows that it is difficult to get up today, because Cixin is the plate most affected by emotion, that is, as the saying goes, the liquidity of secondary new shares is a barometer of emotion. Following the broken board of Hangzhou thermoelectric and Jinlongyu, only sun cable, Shengtong shares and Chenguang new material have the opportunity to become a top up dragon, or we can think from the following three aspects: 1) considering that when Valin cable was broken at the end of the day before yesterday, Hangzhou thermoelectric, which changed hands, was successfully promoted, and the reduced Libert plunged at the end of the day, or it indicates that the capital is more inclined to change hands, Therefore, in terms of changing hands, sun cable and Chenguang new materials are dominant; 2) The solar cable mainly relies on the military industry plate effect to seal the trading limit, and its initiative is weak, so Chenguang new material and Shengtong shares are dominant in terms of initiative; 3) Shengtong, an educational concept stock, is a branch theme stock, while sun cable and Chenguang new material are mainstream theme stocks, so sun cable and Chenguang new material are dominant in theme.
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