Industrials Aug 25, 2021 02:18 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, Jiazi sailing capital announced that it had completed the angel round financing of nearly ten million yuan for Muqin intelligent, an agricultural high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise. The investment was mainly used to build mass production workshops and establish production and sales teams. Muqin intelligent, founded in 2018, is an agricultural unmanned vehicle product R & D provider. The company focuses on the modernization, digitization and intellectualization of agricultural equipment. Its products are suitable for spraying, transportation, weeding, fertilization and other scenarios in small and medium-sized orchards. Zhang xuchao, CEO of Muqin intelligence, introduced that the company's products are suitable for orchards, and the artificial substitution effect is remarkable. One person can replace 30 people for spraying. After many iterations, the company's products are closer to the use needs of orchards. The trafficability, durability, charge capacity, carrying capacity and application scenarios are better than peer products, and the price is less than half of peer products. At present, the products have been delivered to customers with high praise and strong response. Zhang Yunxiang, founding partner of Jiazi sailing, pointed out that the planting area of fruit cash crops in China is large. With the artificial aging, the labor cost is getting higher and higher. Pesticide spraying is the high-frequency use scene of orchard, which runs through the whole planting process. According to the current development of fruit cash crop planting hardware and software in China, unmanned intelligent pesticide spraying agricultural machinery equipment can solve the biggest pain point at present.