Technology Sep 01, 2021 05:15 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On August 31, the "meituan Qingshan science and Technology Fund" established by meituan with an investment of 500 million yuan was officially declared. The fund mainly supports Qingshan science and Technology Award and environmental protection science and technology innovation demonstration projects, rewarding 10 young scientists and supporting 10 demonstration projects every year. The official website of the fund has opened an application channel, and qualified scientific researchers can apply through the official website. The green mountain science and Technology Award in 2021 will focus on three topics: green and low-carbon packaging materials, carbon capture and resource utilization, low-carbon transportation and energy storage, mainly involving six university disciplines: material science, chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental science, energy science and cutting-edge intersection. The castle peak science and technology award is open to young scientific researchers aged 45 and below who work full-time in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao. At that time, industry experts will select no more than 10 young scientific researchers who play a key role in promoting scientific and technological progress in relevant fields, and give financial support of 1 million yuan per person. The environmental protection science and technology innovation demonstration project mainly focuses on three areas: Green innovative packaging, green recycling and green supply chain system. The funded projects will have the opportunity to be selected into the list of "Kechuang China" takeout green, low-carbon and environmental protection technologies. Environmental protection science and technology innovation demonstration projects will be open to legal entities in China, and enterprises, universities, research institutions and social organizations can (jointly) apply. Finally, no more than 10 projects with environmental protection, innovation and demonstration will be selected, and a single selected project will be funded and supported by 1-3 million.
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