Technology Sep 01, 2021 09:44 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
According to incomplete statistics, as of August 30, 11 steel enterprises such as Shaoguan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Benxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Angang have issued shutdown and maintenance plans. In addition, according to Mysteel research, 9 of the 16 sample steel mills in Northeast China said that they had received the notice from relevant departments that "the crude steel output this year is not higher than last year", and 7 said they had not received it for the time being. The sample steel plant receiving the production restriction notice is expected to overhaul and reduce the production of steel by a total of 3.08 million tons from September to December. For the sample steel plants that have not received the notice for the time being, there are still some maintenance plans from September to December, and the total amount of steel affected is expected to be about 165000 tons.
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