Automotive Sep 02, 2021 04:47 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On August 31, 2022 Changan cs75plus was officially launched. The new car has launched 6 models with two power combinations of "1.5T + 6at" and "2.0T + 8at", and the price range is 117900 ~ 154500 yuan. 2022 cs75plus added 16 upgrades: In terms of styling design, the new car has added five upgrades, including "fighter" front face design elements and roof luggage rack. In addition, the 1.5T model also adds an integrated sports seat; The 2.0T model has added a new integrated racing seat; The flagship model also adds seat quilting technology. In terms of intelligence, six new upgrades have been added to the new car. Luxury models will provide optional electronic shift function, remote control, external rearview mirror electric folding + lock automatic folding function; New built-in tachograph for luxury and above models; For noble models, Bluetooth key and rain sensing automatic wiper are added. In terms of comfort, the new car will be equipped with the electric adjustment function of the main driving position as standard; For noble models, the functions of front seat heating and passenger seat electric adjustment are added. In terms of energy saving, the new car will be equipped with idle start and stop function as standard, and the 100 km fuel consumption of 1.5T model can be reduced by about 0.2L. In addition, the new car also has apa5.0 remote valet parking, IACC full speed intelligent cruise, electronic stability braking, AEB automatic emergency braking assistance, LDW lane departure warning, lcda Lane merging assistance, elk emergency lane maintenance and other intelligent configurations.