Technology Sep 09, 2021 10:50 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, zero technology announced that its new twin rotor "Falcon" UAV was officially put on sale. The UAV has a endurance of up to 50 minutes. It is the longest aerial photographing UAV on the market so far. Over the past four years, zero technology has developed a new UAV with a endurance of more than 30 minutes, thus bringing the aerial UAV into the 50 minute endurance era. In order to solve the endurance problem, "Falcon" starts with the aerodynamic layout design, adopts the V-shaped transverse double rotor structure, combined with the independently developed rudder tilting technology, nonlinear dynamic model design and control algorithm. Under the working condition of no external additional load, more weight can be left to the battery power system to achieve longer endurance. At present, zero technology has a number of invention patents related to the structural design of V-type double rotor. Zero technology was founded in 2014 and launched three products, each of which broke through the technical challenges at that time. It is understood that zero technology has previously received a cumulative investment of US $50 million from well-known investment institutions such as IDG, Jinshajiang venture capital, Zhenge fund and Zhejiang mintou. At present, zero technology is carrying out B + round of financing.