Automotive Sep 14, 2021 10:45 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Beijing Huayu Soft Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huayu") announced today that it has completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, which is led by yingheng Technology Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yingheng"), and the old shareholder Zhongguancun frontier fund continues to increase its holdings. This is the second round of financing completed by Huayu within the year. This round of financing will help Huayu continuously accelerate the investment of technology and talents in the field of intelligent driving. Meanwhile, Huayu and yingheng announced that they have reached a deep strategic cooperation and will jointly promote the implementation of the overall solution with Huayu intelligent driving operating system and basic software platform as the core. With the gradual transformation of traditional automotive software architecture to SOA, the tight coupling mode of upper application and lower hardware can not meet the needs of the development of intelligent driving. Based on this, Huayu has independently developed the "swift" communication middleware, which will not only realize the safe, real-time and reliable transmission of key data of intelligent driving, but also help OEM and Tier1 shorten the cycle and difficulty of intelligent driving application development, and significantly reduce the cost of system development and expansion. Huayu and yingheng announced that they would integrate advantageous resources, industrial experience and technical services, accelerate the application and mass production of yingheng hardware system and "swift" communication middleware in the field of intelligent driving, jointly develop the "blue whale" operating system for intelligent driving in combination with a series of key modules such as execution, system and online upgrading, and finally build a complete basic software platform for intelligent driving, Provide mass production customized solutions for customers' actual needs in different scenarios.