Industrials Sep 17, 2021 02:33 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, Tencent location services officially launched an intelligent address resolution interface for the logistics industry. Through advanced address key information extraction technology and intelligent mining algorithm, Tencent location services standardized the address information, transforming the originally disordered or even wrong address information into an accurate format in line with the specifications of the logistics company, so as to improve the processing efficiency of the logistics company, Reduce reverse logistics costs. The filling of address information is the starting point of all logistics distribution scenarios. The accuracy and regularity of address information is the prerequisite for the smooth operation of all subsequent logistics links. The wrong or non-standard recipient address will bring trouble and burden to logistics companies and couriers, and may also bring losses to end users, including recipients and senders. Today, Tencent location service intelligent address resolution interface will provide automatic resolution capabilities such as automatic standardization of address format, intelligent reminder of wrong address information, intelligent completion of missing address information, intelligent normalization of messy address information, etc., so as to effectively avoid the above problems. As a web service API, Tencent location service intelligent address resolution interface can be called by app, applet, H5 and other application forms, or batch call in an offline manner to meet the needs of logistics enterprises in different application scenarios. At present, the service has established cooperation with many large logistics enterprises.