Sep 27, 2021 10:11 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Financial Associated Press, September 27, * ST foundation disclosed the creditor's rights classification, adjustment and settlement plan in the summary version of the draft reorganization plan released this evening. Among them, the ordinary creditor's rights are based on the creditors of 21 companies. The part of each creditor's rights less than 100000 yuan (inclusive) shall be paid off in one time with its own funds within 60 days after the court approves the draft reorganization plan. If its own funds are insufficient, it shall be paid off with the funds invested by strategic investors in accordance with the regulations. Each creditor can receive up to 100000 yuan in 21 companies; The treatment of the part exceeding 100000 yuan is as follows: 1. Rescue loan creditor's rights. The principal and interest shall be paid off by reference to the creditor's rights guaranteed by property, and the other parts, including but not limited to all default interest, compound interest, liquidated damages, maintenance fees, etc., shall be paid off by other ordinary creditor's rights. 2. Other ordinary creditor's rights. Other ordinary creditor's rights shall be converted into shares for debt repayment based on HNA, and the debt repayment price is 15.56 yuan / share. Through the above arrangement, the ordinary creditor's rights can be paid in full. It is estimated that among other ordinary debt claims, about 6.43 * ST basic A shares can be obtained for every 100 yuan (the part less than 1 share is calculated as 1 share).