Consumer Staples Sep 28, 2021 08:53 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Cailian, September 28 - Guotai Junan Securities pointed out that the normalization of policy intervention is expected to stabilize the long-term price fluctuation of pigs. The Ministry of agriculture assesses the number of sows in each province for a calendar year, and the government policy intervention has been normalized. In the future, a complete set of pig production capacity regulation mechanism may be established. The establishment of normalized intervention is conducive to maintaining the stability of pig production capacity for a long time, so as to smooth the pig cycle and reduce the fluctuation of pig price, Pig prices may remain in a relatively stable channel in the future. In addition, the policy focuses on stabilizing the number of large-scale pig farms (households), which will benefit the development of the group's farms for a long time. Muyuan Co., Ltd., Wenshi Co., Ltd., Zhengbang technology, tianbang Co., Ltd., new hope, Dabei agriculture, Tiankang biology, etc. are recommended.