Industrials Sep 28, 2021 11:05 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On September 27, during the Wuzhen summit of the 2021 World Internet Conference, Zhang Minya, co-founder and President of Gaodeng technology, delivered a keynote speech entitled "transaction authentication helps the sustainable development of the digital economy", shared Gaodeng technology's thinking and practice of taking transaction authentication as the core link between supervision and bilateral transactions in the era of digital economy, and accepted Xinhuanet, Qianjiang Evening News and other media interviewed. Zhang Minya said in his speech that while the emergence of emerging technologies such as digital payment has brought great convenience to people's life, it has made the transaction faster, hidden and complex, resulting in further increasing the difficulty of supervision. In this regard, on the one hand, Gaodeng technology helps the supervision to actively participate in enterprise innovation and management by means of science and technology; On the other hand, help enterprises take the initiative to build a compliance management system by means of science and technology, build a multilateral digital mutual trust agreement platform for supervision and trading around transaction compliance, and provide fiscal and tax housekeeper services for each taxpayer. In the on-site interview, Zhang Minya said that participating in the world Internet Conference clearly felt that China's high-quality digital economy has a strong development trend and is an important force to promote the construction of global digital economy. Gaodeng itself is constantly serving the digital economy and helping the digital economy in compliance management. In the future, it will further give play to the advantages of Finance and Taxation Science and technology, and is committed to becoming the core engine of the future industry and an important force in building a new development pattern.