Consumer Staples Oct 09, 2021 03:29 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Billion Europe on October 9, recently, Jingdong supermarket released the largest open platform new business policy in history, and launched multiple measures of "double reduction, three improvement and three growth" to escort new businesses around issues such as cost, efficiency, growth and experience. Starting with the three main expenses of merchant quality assurance fund, platform use fee and deduction, proposed the "double reduction" initiative, launched policies such as 6-month deduction and 3-month platform use fee exemption for some new merchants, and continued to reduce the entry threshold and operating costs of merchants. In order to improve the entry efficiency of new merchants, JD has greatly simplified the entry process and improved the audit timeliness on the basis of ensuring qualification compliance. Open a green audit channel with 1-to-1 exclusive service, complete the audit in 1 working day and open the store in 3 days. In order to help businesses grow rapidly, JD proposes the "three growth" initiative to provide a perfect growth training system for new businesses. JD also provides exclusive incentive policies and advertising incentives for Ka new businesses to accelerate the growth of new businesses. In addition, Jingdong supermarket also released the "three-step detonating method" to help new businesses on the open platform for the first time, escorting new businesses in the whole process, from the rapid entry audit and green channel, to business school teaching and 1-to-1 exclusive guidance, to explosive teaching and omni-channel support.
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