Automotive Oct 14, 2021 12:21 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On October 13, 2021 national energy Internet Conference was held in Zibo. Hundreds of government leaders, experts, scholars and business guests, including Liu Yafang, deputy director of the Department of energy conservation, science and technology equipment of the national energy administration, Zeng Rong, vice president and professor of Electrical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, Jiang duntao, Secretary of Zibo Municipal Party committee, attended the meeting. With the theme of "focusing on the realization of double carbon goals and clean energy interconnection and innovation", the conference launched discussions and exchanges around the digital transformation of energy and the high-quality development of new energy. At the meeting, energy chain signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement with Zibo Municipal People's government and China Quality Certification Center to jointly explore the methods and paths for Zibo to achieve the urban "double carbon" goal. In this strategic cooperation, Zibo will play a basic and leading coordinating role to ensure that China Quality Certification Center and energy chain provide practical solutions. China Quality Certification Center and energy chain will also give play to their respective advantages to form customized and feasible "double carbon" solutions in Zibo, so as to promote the realization of the "double carbon" goal of Zibo. At the same time, the three parties jointly launched the "digital driven green development, urban" double carbon "action initiative to provide reference and reference for all parts of the country to achieve the goal of urban" double carbon ". Dai Zhen, founder and CEO of energy chain, said that carbon neutralization is not far from us. It is closely related to everyone and needs national action. It is hoped that there will be more models and mechanisms in the future to include the carbon score in the process of energy consumption into the incentive directory, so that consumers can have motivation and incentive to participate in the great cause of carbon neutralization.