Oct 20, 2021 10:41 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On October 20, Alibaba cloud announced the launch of the fourth generation dragon architecture at the 2021 cloud habitat conference. The architecture is equipped with the world's only large-scale elastic RDMA acceleration network for the first time, and the overall network delay is reduced by more than 80%. The innovation of computing architecture brought by DPCA 4.0 architecture brings cloud computing into the era of 5 microsecond delay for the first time. The fourth generation DPCA has greatly improved the basic bandwidth, block storage, IOPs and other core performance. It is understood that in the deep learning scenario, the fourth generation DPCA can improve the training performance of distributed NLP and visual computing by 30%; In the big data scenario, the computing performance of spark30% can be improved; In the database scenario, MySQL performance can be improved by up to 60%, and redis hybrid read-write throughput can be improved by 130%. Jiang Jiangwei, head of Alibaba cloud's basic products, said that this upgrade has made various optimizations in the four areas of IO acceleration, chip level security, cloud native elasticity and high-speed network, bringing performance improvements to common scenarios such as database, AI and big data.