Automotive Oct 24, 2021 12:00 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
In October 23rd, Chi Kai technology and Jingdong technology signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing. Based on the research and development advantages of Chi Chi Technology in the automatic driving technology and the deep strength of Jingdong technology in the Internet of things and smart city, the two sides will carry out a series of deep cooperation in the field of intelligent transportation in the future to promote the development and commercialization of the automatic driving system. Jointly explore comprehensive solutions for intelligent transportation. At the level of enabling trunk logistics, Zhijia technology, together with Zhitu technology, helped FAW liberation to build the world's first high-level automatic driving heavy truck product, which will be mass produced and listed in 2021; In the United States, Chi Jia technology has begun to deliver 1000 sets of PlusDrive automatic driving systems equipped with the DRIVE Xavier computing platform for the US head logistics customers. At the same time, Zhijia technology has established strategic cooperation with Iveco, Cummins and other top engine manufacturers and engine giants in the world to jointly promote the research and development of natural gas heavy truck, and explore the future heavy truck form in order to reduce carbon emission. At the landing level, Zhijia cooperates with SF, xinzhihong and other partners to realize the normal operation of smart heavy truck; Recently, Zhijia technology and Rongqing logistics started joint operation and opened the first mass production intelligent heavy truck operation line in China. Liu Wanqian, CEO and co-founder of Zhijia technology, said: "innovative technology is deeply transforming the industry, and the transportation industry is becoming one of the fastest fields of automatic driving. The strong combination of Zhijia technology and JD technology in the field of intelligent transportation will accelerate the landing of automatic driving and realize greater social value of technology."