Oct 26, 2021 03:18 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The market relay sentiment was weak, and some announcement positive stocks, main theme stocks and oversold sentiment stocks all showed a trend of "pitching people". In terms of announcement of positive stocks, Fuda alloy rose and fell yesterday after five consecutive word limit, and continued to fall today, out of the form of continuous decline. In fact, such high-level single word trading stocks, if the trading limit is opened later, the worst trend is to rise and fall. Zhaoxin shares in August and hongbaoli in September are the representatives of high-level rise and fall. Unless the next day can reverse the package, otherwise this trend type is easy to continue to decline; In terms of main theme stocks, the new energy track stocks in the front row such as Gaolan shares, Yili clean energy and Haiyuan composite materials fell sharply yesterday, but the loss effect of the row stocks behind the wind was not so great; In terms of oversold sentiment stocks, funds have tried in this regard. Minsheng holdings, a small oversold market, is a representative. In terms of form, the stock also conforms to the V-shaped reversal, but the overall relay sentiment of the market is poor.